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The sprawling landscape of the Galápagos introduces us to its vibrant marine life. Within this flourishing ecosystem, a shy sea lion pup is born. Under his mother's protective care, the pup embarks on his first adventures, forging friendships with a lava lizard, and a female sea lion pup. Their playful interactions with the island's inhabitants serve as early lessons in survival. 


Their first terrifying confrontation with a group of sharks highlights the dangers of this world. Even more dangerous, in the vibrant marine world, an ominous shadow looms as the activities of illegal fishermen and rising ocean temperatures disrupt the marine food web, leading to dwindling resources. As food becomes scarce, the mother sea lions face grueling challenges to provide for their pups. Pushing limits, some mothers must leave their pups to grapple with mounting vulnerabilities on his own. Our sea lion pup dreams of a potential solution, but its implementation brings catastrophic consequences. While the colony deals with these challenges, one mother tragically sacrifices herself to shield her child from the ruthless fishermen. Devastated and still dependent on milk, the young sea lions watch as worsening climate conditions drive marine life to abandon the once-teeming island.


The colony faces the possibility of starvation, with food scarce due to warming oceans and surrounded by illegal fishing boats and their nets which create a barrier to their migration to a more promising island. Exploring the dark waters where his mother lost her life, our lion finds a possible way to penetrate the barricade. He brings news to his colony and together they manage to get to freedom. There will be more food on the next island, an opportunity to grow and thrive, although as climate conditions continue to change it is uncertain what the future will bring. At this moment, though, the vulnerable pup has evolved into a resilient leader, exemplifying nature's indomitable spirit.


Known as the enchanted islands due to the captivating and otherworldly nature landscapes and its inhabitants, a diverse array of plant and animal life which can be found nowhere else in the world. An unusual collection of creatures, many of which are linked to the life of our young sea lion.  Born from volcanic fire millions of years ago and famous for its role in Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, this archipelago is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. 



Unveiling the Galapagos Animals that Bring Our Story to Life!


Luis Felipe Fernández Salvador y Campodónico

Known in cinema as JAMAICANOPROBLEM, is an Italian-Ecuadorian explorer and artist who, inspired by the work of Jacques Cousteau, seeks to highlight the mystery and natural beauty of Ecuador: the Andes, the Amazon, the Pacific coast, and the Galapagos islands. Notably, Luis Felipe is widely acclaimed as the creator of the "realismo fantástico" film genre. His career began with "El Cazador" (2013), acclaimed at Cannes. By 2015, he was the Executive Producer of "Highway of Tears," a Human Rights Watch collaboration that clinched the Malibu Film Festival award.


In 2019, he directed "A Son of Man: The Curse of Atahualpa's Treasure," which debuted at the Shanghai International Film Festival and was Ecuador's Best Foreign Film nominee at the 91st Oscars. The film garnered numerous accolades, including the Grand Prix at the Rhode Island Festival (USA) and the Best Documentary at the Terra di Siena Film Festival, highlighting its impact in North America and Europe.


His latest project, "Waorani," won Best Short Documentary at the Oscar-qualifying Rhode Island International Film Festival. In addition to being honored with an invitation for its premiere at the full session of the European Parliament, the "Waorani" documentary also secured a coveted spot on the Hot Docs shortlist by the International Documentary Association.

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Adam Leipzig_producer credit Michael Bezjian_2.jpg


Adam Leipzig

  • Over 35 years in the film industry

  • Responsible for highest grossing nature documentary of all time

  • 10 Academy Awards, 11 BAFTA Awards, 2 Golden Globes

  • Former President of National Geographic Films

  • Former Senior VP at Disney

  • CEO of MediaU

  • Author of two books on filmmaking



Meredith Blake

Producer, attorney and social entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in storytelling and social change. Meredith leads Storied Nation, producing impactful content and mobilizing audiences. Prior to Storied Nation, Meredith founded and ran ProSocial, collaborating with giants like Amazon Studios, Sony, Apple and Hulu to maximize the impact of their content.


Meredith is also known for having built the impact division of Participant media while serving as Executive Vice President at the studio. At Participant, Meredith had the honor of creating the social action campaign that accompanied the release of Vice President Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth.”


Meredith excels in fundraising, advising on strategic media projects, and speaks at major industry events. She's on various boards, part of the Pleiades Network promoting women's leadership, and her recent projects include producing "UnCharitable" by Stephen Gyllenhaal and executive producing "Mending the Line" released by Sony Pictures and "Forgiving Johnny” by Oscar-winning Director Ben Proudfoot and released by



Mido de Santi

Mido is a Canadian entrepreneur, business executive and philanthropist. He is the founder of Pixhug, a diversified media investment company developing impact driven technologies and content. As a board member he has advised over 40 companies in the technology, media and renewable energy sector. In addition to Pixhug, he is a partner at Paracas Independent Films and the principal behind Rubiq Ventures, an alternative investment firm focused on purpose driven projects across multiple industries. As a visiting lecturer, he has spoken about the strategic importance of social entrepreneurship at McGill University and alongside Deepak Chopra at Columbia University. 
Mido served as a board member of the Simbi Foundation, a research led non-profit organization enhancing access to education for 3.5 million learners in remote and refugee communities. Between 2013 and 2020 he served on the board of Julian Lennon’s The White Feather Foundation.  He has been recognized by the Canadian Government as the Honorary Consul of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Canada. He studied finance at the International University of Monaco and Alternative Investments at Harvard Business School. 


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